InBox Blueprint Review

Welcome to my personal site about Inbox Blueprint and my journey with the system.

The official site of Anik is

This a bit different than most other reviews as I would like to tell my experience with it for the past 6 months (when the first Inbox Blueprint launched) up to now.

anikonairlongHow To Start With Inbox Blueprint 2.0

Once you’re inside the first thing you will notice is how well the Inbox Blueprint members are is designed.

First you will see three videos that are actually the first 3 steps of the system and not upsells or promos for other products.

  1. Welcome video by Anik Singal hismelf
  2. Profit Workshop – Free live training sign up
  3. Inbox Live 2014 – a free seminar in Vegas for members

Then on the right you have a navigation bar that consists of 8 steps as well as tons of other training and bonuses.

Here’s a quick run down of what they are:

memebrs area inbox blueprint

Each step has addition sub-steps as well exercises so you can keep track of your progress as well.

There is so much great information in this course that it’s impossible to not start making money if you actually follow it.

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The key for a good Fan Page Domination review is actually proving facts.

My Inbox Blueprint Journey


When I got started with Anik’s blueprint, I’ll be honest my hopes were not high.

Why? I’ve tried email marketing before and it didn’t work out as well as I would hope. In matter of fact I ended up with bunch of subscribers that didn’t care for my email or what I was promoting.

But after just one day of going through the Inbox Blueprint course I started to realized my mistakes and the reason why I was only losing money with my list.

That moment I made a conscience decision to forget what I’ve learned about list building and email marketing. This means all the fluff and misinformation from fake gurus, $7 eBooks and random people on the forum and decided to follow the blueprint to the letter.

Now I can honestly say that was the best business decision of my life.  Not only did I get more subscribers in a days then I got in months, but they were also more responsive to my emails.

Now considering that my subscribers were actually happy to get promo emails from me meant I made more commissions.

I’m still using Inbox Blueprint I started with 6 months ago and now you can too. Give yourself a break and earning real commissions with it.

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